We've completed the following, and are in the process of documentation:

* Cold brooding tests for baby chicks. Successful with cautions.
* Homemade incubator tests. Successful with adjustments.
* Soil and potting mix trials. Topsoil won. Every time.
* Mulch layer tests. Saved 70+% in water.
* Indoor growing of aquatic snails in a small system. Successful for a time (they died from a handling issue, by someone else).
* Indoor growing of duckweed. Successful.
* Indoor growing of mealworms. Successful for a time, hard to keep going with the method we tested. Will test again.
* Low input vermiculture. Successful with redworms, not with nightcrawlers.
* Natural feeding of rabbits. Successful in two variations.
* Natural feeding of chickens. Successful in several variations.
* Natural feeding of pigeons and quail. Successful with adaptations.
* Growing food from scraps. Ended with a book on the subject.
* Growing fodder in a small space. Still adjusting.
* Container garden experiments. Some success, some failure.
* Farmer's Market research and analysis for market potentials.

Currently we are working on pigeon breeding in various containments, pigeon breed restoration and creation of a new breed, dove breeding, chicken breeding and researching output of chickens raised without supplemental heat or lighting and production over 4-6 years of life, adapting a cheap greenhouse into a temporary barn (without cooking the animals), greenhouse experiments and microclimate experiments for over-wintering and winter production, and some mushroom growing experiments. We are also working on developing an herbal insect repellant. Of course, sometimes all this is just fancy terms for trying to do as much as possible with the lowest possible expense! :)

Coddiwomple Farm is located the United States.