We sell this mushroom for CULINARY and RESEARCH purposes. We do NOT GUARANTEE SAFETY! If you prepare or handle it incorrectly, IT CAN HURT YOU!

Pieces of dried Red Amanita Muscaria, harvested in the Rocky Mountains, far from sources of pollution. Prepared properly, this mushroom is considered a choice edible. 5 gm dried is enough for 2 small portions.


Consume at your own risk!

This mushroom is TOXIC if not prepare properly! YOU CANNOT GET HIGH ON THIS WITHOUT GETTING SICK, SICK, SICK! The thing that gets you high is the thing that gets you sick. Vomiting, diarrhea, bowel shredding stomach clutching agony!

There. I've said it. Believe it. You can get sick from HANDLING this one if it is WET. Yeah. You CAN Get Sick from Handling Fresh Mushrooms.

Now... This is what you do with it, according to common sources regarding preparing this mushroom.

Boil the dried mushrooms for 30 minutes, in 3 quarts of water. STRAIN the mushrooms out, and DISCARD the water. Carefully CUT the mushrooms (do not handle with bare hands, please) - I use scissors. Boil the mushrooms AGAIN in 3 quarts of water for 10 minutes. STRAIN AGAIN, and DISCARD the water. The mushrooms are generally used at this point.

The general consensus is that you NEED to boil them twice, to ensure the toxins are rinsed off.

We do NOT answer questions regarding recreational mushroom use. If you want to compromise your brain or body by using known poisons, you are on your own!

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