We still have the bucket garden. And the aloe and the amarylis. But all the rest is gone. Life demanded that it go, so we will rebuild another day.

What is left besides that, that is still part of the lifestyle?

I still medicate with herbs. Nothing recreational, don't get the wrong idea here. But when I get sick, herbs are all I can use, I am allergic to most medications.

I forage for herbs, and for mushrooms.

We don't hunt, though we'd love to. But we are often given wild game, and we USE it.

We can, and dehydrate, and freeze various types of food.

I still save seeds from the bucket garden.

And I still write about all of it. Somewhere.

And I paint. Because it is what I CAN do right now.

Mostly stuff that has nothing to do with farming.

Except that cow.

Coddiwomple Farm is located the United States.