There are those who say it is one of the funniest words in the English language. Whatever. What it is associated with is hysterical.

I was researching seashore paintings for inspiration. A few of them had rocks on the beach that looked ever so much like monster turds. I mean LEVIATHON.

I vowed to never paint a turd painting.

The painting that broke that was actually a rather nice lighthouse painting that turned out all right! I wasn't displeased with it.

I have learned that often I get tunnel vision when finishing a painting, so I leave to clean my brushes, and when I get back I may have a new perspective on the work.

I sure did. Right there in the foreground, all the rocks were just ginormous turds. Every single one of them.

Sometimes laughter is a preferable alternative to shame, so I laughed. And hoped nobody would notice.

Yesterday I did it again. A lovely ocean painting of rocks and water. At least, that is the painting I was trying to make.

Instead, I created that thing that seems to record for posterity that there are people out there who actually think that the appropriate way to relieve themselves is to find an obliging body of water, drop their drawers, drop their load, and go away without wiping themselves.

One of my grandmothers would understand this painting in a way I would not have done had I not talked to her on the topic.

There are essentially 5 rocks in the painting. They are all turds.

One of them wasn't content with that distinction. It has a face in it.

Yep. That's right. I painted a turdface.

I'm laughing enough now that writing kinda hard. My eyes are actually tearing up.

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