So very many people on the farm are artists. Something in the work just inspires you to put something on paper, or canvas. It isn't always the things you SEE everyday. Often, it is the things you DON'T.

I'm still churning out the paintings, and have a couple to share today.

This is Lambie Pie.

If you think a Lambie Pie is just a little cute lamb that needs to be loved on, you have the wrong idea about the origination of that name.

This one IS a Lambie Pie. He is in the garden, noshing on the flowers. If he wasn't a Spring Lamb, he sure is now. Spring Lamb is lamb that is raised to be slaughtered at about 5 months of age. Lambie Pie means Lamb for supper.

This work is actually a coloring book page. When things get hectic, or I am fatigued, this is REST work, in a way that painting or sketching from scratch is not. The coloring MUST be good (shaded, and blended) to sell a coloring book page. Most of my work is NOT this, I do these once in a while. But if they turn out, I always post them for sale.


This image below is Through The Woods.

It is all trees. White Fir to be exact. Deep woods that remind me of my childhood, and teen years. Walking the woods, getting firewood, clearing brush, pulling tansy, chopping fence posts from great cedar logs, and then logging with my father. Later, going into the mountains to the Gifford Pinchot National Forest with my husband and kids, to cool off on a hot summer day. The smell of moss and trees, and forest duff. The cool of the shade, and the music of the little streams and creeks.

This painting is done on weathered wood. The wood is vertically splintering, and the grain is raised. The paint FILLS the raised grain, but the painting still has striate lines from top to bottom.

I painted this on weathered wood on purpose. I chose the weathered side, rather than the smooth side, because there is a thing about wood... and WOODS. People who work the woods, love wood. Weathered wood MEANS something. It means aged in, well worked, and time worn. I intended to bring some of that to the painting, so the painting is about the woods... and the wood.



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