Sometimes the work is not of livestock or crops. Sometimes it is something else entirely. The mind, the hands, trained to something other.

My Birthday brought painterly things. Thus, I must paint! But I wanted to anyway.

And basketry supplies. Reeds and ropes.

Somehow they seemed to go together, at least until I had them. The combining is a thing that must wait for a little more practice with both.

So I painted. 'Twas an experience, not just a work. First I painted the apples, and then they seemed to paint me. The style changed. They demanded it.

It is not near perfect, this, I know. But I am not displeased at the result of the first painting I've slopped onto the canvas in so many years I cannot remember exactly. One, I think, somewhere about 15 years ago, and about 25 since I painted seriously last.

My poor camera has not done it justice, it has swallowed up the leaves above the lower apple in the flash, and there is still a little touchup to be done.

But make what you will of it, as I have had to do.

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