Well, the site was not accessible. For quite some time. You'd think that during all that time I'd have been able to make a header, right? But since it wasn't accessible, there was no reason to do it. Now, I suppose there IS.

The problem with intentional wandering is that sometimes you really DON'T know where you're going, exactly. And it is very hard to make a header that has to have SOMETHING DEFINITIVE, when the definition still eludes me.

Isn't that a nice excuse?

I have another. I got a new computer. Of course, THAT was a year ago. But I am still occasionally lost as to where to find the file I put where I would not lose it. The new computer has a different structure for a stupid reason - the manufacturer sent it with a partitioned hard drive. A STUPIDLY partitioned hard drive!

But enough about me.

On to a little about... Me.

(Whispers ever so secretly.)

I have a group. On FaceBook. For Primitive Spinning.

I don't know anyone who spins. Not really. I feel really stupid about inviting all those people who I met in Web Development to a Primitive Spinning group, so I didn't do it.

Go look it up if you'd like to be the first member.

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