Ok, so are you tired of those "Never never have I ever" things? Well, I think we oughta have bragging rights, no dodging it.

When we take the hit, and tough it out, it counts.

Honestly, I'd have used stronger language on that title, but if I did, I'd never be able to live it down with my Mormon friends. So I toned it down. Sigh! Roll your eyes, I can hear you thinking you are going to anyway!

So here it is. Add up your points. Share the link for this page and post your points anywhere you like online. You deserve the recognition!

If you think I should add things SEND THEM TO ME! My email address works!


NOTE: This list is organized, from things ANYONE can do, in ANY situation, to things that require increasingly more difficult circumstances or equipment in order to accomplish. They are worth more points partly for that reason, but they are also more difficult. They take more time, more skills, more determination, and more dedication to self-sufficiency.

ANOTHER NOTE: Couples MAY do this together. I mean, you have to work as a team! Some things I have not done but Kevin has, while I did other things, and we did it that way so both things COULD be done. So team up as couples if you like.


1 point for each

  • Built my own shelf or other furniture
  • Canned food with a Waterbath or Steam canner
  • Dehydrated food and used it (Freeze Dryers count)Made my own clothing (any kind)
  • Hit the bullseye target shooting
  • Made butter

  • Made apple sauce or apple butter
  • Made peanut or other nut butter
  • Made yogurt
  • Made Aloe ointment/salve
  • Grown mushrooms

  • Darned a sock
  • Made my own ketchup
  • Made my own medicine
  • Had a Homemade Christmas
  • Baked bread

  • Made soup from scratch
  • Grown sprouts or microgreens
  • Snapped beans
  • Made a candle
  • Made fruit leather

(I got 19 on this section, there is one thing I still need to do.)


2 points for each

  • Planted a tree that lived
  • Grown a vegetable garden
  • Been snowed in more than 2 days
  • Eaten an invasive weed
  • Gathered eggs

  • Dug potatoes
  • Made apple cider
  • Made cheese
  • Made sausage (add a point for smoked sausage)
  • Driven a tractor

  • Ridden a horse
  • Made sauer kraut or brined dill pickles
  • Used a chainsaw
  • Used an axe
  • Eaten Venison

  • Eaten Rabbit
  • Eaten Quail, Pheasant, Pigeon, Dove, Guinea Fowl, or Partridge
  • Eaten Heritage Chicken
  • Gone more than 1 week without cosmetics
  • Shelled peas

  • Gone without a microwave for more than a week
  • Replaced a glass windowpane myself
  • Own more than one oil lamp
  • Rendered Lard
  • Used a clothesline

(I got 50 points here, but we are doing this as a couple.)


3 points for each

  • Snacked on Wild Edibles in the woods
  • Foraged and eaten wild mushrooms
  • Slogged through mud without boots
  • Repaired broken frozen pipes
  • Cleaned up snow damage

  • Been bitten by an animal you were caring for
  • Watered a garden with a watering can
  • Cut and Split Firewood
  • Cut down a tree
  • Grown a vegetable garden that saved money

  • Started plants indoors for my vegetable garden
  • Canned food with a Pressure Canner
  • Smoked meat or fish
  • Made a meal I grew/raised (mostly)
  • Wove a basket

  • Made a blanket (any kind)
  • Re-roofed a house
  • Built an animal shelter
  • Built a fence
  • Battled Canadian Thistle

  • Raised my own Thanksgiving Turkey
  • Cured a ham (large or very small)
  • Made your own bacon (any kind - buckboard, hog jowl, side bacon, etc)
  • Thrown (on a wheel) and baked a clay pot
  • Carved a useful item

  • Driven an animal drawn vehicle
  • Milked a cow, goat, sheep, or other milk animal
  • Mucked out a barn
  • Picked fruit from my own tree
  • Spun or woven natural fibers

  • Canned something the government said is "not recommended" NOTE: "Not recommended" does NOT MEAN "not safe". It simply means there is some kind of result that is considered unsatisfactory to those who tested it, such as discoloration, separation, or taste changes.
  • Backed a full horse trailer
  • Hauled 5 gallon buckets of water for animals
  • Brooded chicks
  • Hatched eggs

  • Bottle fed a baby animal
  • Ground your own hamburger
  • Plugged a stump with mushroom spawn
  • Eaten Hostas or Sweet Potato Vine
  • Built a Martin House, Bat House, or Swallow Ledge

  • Grown duckweed
  • Raised mealworms
  • Served a meal entirely from home preserved food
  • Made my own medicine from something I gathered/grew
  • Lived without shopping for 30 days or more

  • Built a piece of furniture without power tools (shelves count)
  • Made lye soap from commercial ingredients
  • Made a useful object by melting or cutting glass
  • Upholstered a simple chair or ottoman
  • Grown food in a greenhouse

  • Washed clothes on a scrub board or rock
  • Had a child pull all the vegetable plants in the garden instead of the weeds
  • Taught a child to collect eggs
  • Washed and carded wool

(Well, I got 150 here, there were several things that I have not done and neither has my husband. Some are things I will likely end up doing in my lifetime, some may not be.)


4 points for each

  • Overseen an animal birth NOTE: If you have pulled on a baby animal during a birth, and that animal was not IN TROUBLE, then you must SUBTRACT 50 points from your total! This is SHAMEFUL, and injures animals, so knock it off!
  • Butchered an animal I've raised
  • Filled my hunting tag
  • Dispatched a predator
  • Been skunk sprayed

  • Canned meat I hunted or raised
  • Plucked a chicken
  • Tanned a hide
  • Bucked hay
  • Nursed an animal back to health

  • Tended a sick or injured animal that you lost anyway
  • Thrown 50 lb feed sacks
  • Gathered weeds and plants by hand to feed farm animals
  • Herded ducks
  • Obedience trained an animal

  • Cooked a meal on a woodstove
  • Baked bread in a wood fired oven
  • Raised dubia roaches for chickens
  • Hauled hay in a family car
  • Hauled a goat, pig, sheep, or calf in a family car

  • Stopped weeding the lawn so you can use the weeds
  • Tapped a tree for syrup and cooked it down
  • Made a musical instrument
  • Field stripped a firearm and correctly reassembled it
  • Sheared a sheep or other fiber animal

  • Broke down on a lonely highway at least 10 miles from the nearest help
  • Camped overnight in winter weather (below freezing) and did not pack up in the middle of the night to go home
  • Camped in the snow for more than one day in a row

(This section got me 96 points. There are a few things we have not done, but we probably will.)


5 points for each

  • Lived more than a month without a flushing toilet (if you lived with a camp toilet, it does not count as a flushing toilet for this quiz)
  • Lived more than a month without running water
  • Lived more than a month without electricity
  • Heated a house entirely with a fireplace/woodstove
  • Lived more than three months without Television
  • Lived more than a month without Lightbulbs
  • Lived an hour or more from grocery shopping
  • Lived more than a year from self-employment income only
  • Lived "tiny" for more than two months
  • Fed animals without commercial feed for more than two months
  • Milled my own lumber
  • Built something from brick or stone
  • Helped build a house
  • Written an instructional book to pass on your skills
  • Built an oven, or rebuilt a woodstove
  • Made lye soap from wood ash and lard or tallow you rendered yourself
  • Ran out of room for food storage in a normal sized house (NOT a "tiny" house)
  • Homeschooled a child for an entire school year
  • Homeschooled every grade from K-12

(A whole 70 points here. We've done some hard things.)


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