A cricket was singing in the yard. Pretty loud. I wandered in the kitchen, the back door open, and then went back to writing. The book has to be finished after all, or there is no point in writing it.

The cricket kept singing, then stopping, then singing some more.

Back to the kitchen for a glass of water. The cricket was inside the house now. Probably behind the refrigerator.

Next morning he was singing in the livingroom. The dog would get up and stare hard at the heater vent, but had no idea what to do about that noise.

Somewhere around evening, the cricket was back in the kitchen. By the middle of the night, the singing was coming from the vicinity of the sink.

This morning, it is definitely the sink. LOUD "zing, zing, zing" noises coming from the sink.

We never see the little bug, we just hear him. And for a small thing, it sure can produce a loud noise. We can hear it in the basement when it is singing upstairs. No idea if we can get it out of the house, since we can't really FIND the thing to begin with.

On one hand, it is a cheerful noise. On the other hand, it can be really annoying.

Our new houseguest, the cricket, will likely be staying a while.

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