If green beans strung on a string and dried are called "Leather Britches", then does that mean when you string peppers on a string and dry them, that you get "Hot Pants"?


What do you get when Commander Raab disappears with a chicken?

No Harm, no fowl.

(This is what happens when we get bored when watching JAG.)


Phalangeal dyslexia: When your fingers move independent of your brain while typing.


What kind of fungus can be two animals at once?

Chicken of the Woods - C.O.W.

(This is a geeky mycology joke, mushroom hunters will get it.)

(For the even more geeky - Laetiporus spp, including L. sulphureus, L. cinncinatus, L. conifericola, L. gilbertsonii, L. huroniensis, and probably a few others.)


Seven hens equals 14 feet of chicken.

(Observed when preparing to butcher chickens, and save the feet for broth.)


How many animals can you fit in your boots?

10 piggies and 2 calves!

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