No matter where you live, no matter your circumstances, you can farm. You can grow something, produce a crop, and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

Whether small, or large, indoors, or out, a farm can be anything that produces a result from a living thing (other than people). So if you want to farm so bad you can't stand it, and you live in an apartment, a covenant community, an impossibly small home, or whatever, there is still something you can grow, and enjoy.

The following things can be done to produce either edible or salable crops.

  • Container Gardening - on a balcony, in the house, on the porch or steps, in a vertical planter by the door, etc.
  • Sprouts - grow a crop of sprouts or microgreens on your kitchen countertop, or on top of the fridge (a naturally warm place).
  • Micro-livestock - As large as rabbits, pigeons, quail, or bantam chickens in cages, hutches, or coops out back (or even contained indoors), or as small as insects indoors. Yeah, I know, I don't think I'd grow insects to eat, but they are a valuable cash crop if you sell larvae, eggs, cocoons, etc.

  • Mushrooms - a box or bin of mushrooms does not take up much room but provides a lot of satisfaction to harvest.
  • Mini Milk Goats - Ok, so I don't think I'd be comfortable with them in my apartment (they don't take well to diapers and goats pee a lot), but there are people who do it. They fit in small spaces outside though, and this is the real message here.
  • Edible Landscaping - grow edible crops where over-zealous regulations have encroached on personal liberty. Replace trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses with edible crops instead. Remember, there are many flowers that are edible also!
  • Houseplants - yeah, they count, if you can produce them for sale or enough to share. Medicinals are an option where edibles don't work well indoors, or any other type of plant that people enjoy. Some houseplants naturally produce more plants - aloe, pregnant plant, spider plant, and others that grow by root division, or which can be easily rooted. They can be tended for most of the year and allowed to produce more plants in the same container, and then divided and expanded into smaller pots in the spring in time for the Farmer's Markets, so you only have to accommodate extra pots for a short time.
  • Yeasts, molds, bacteria - There are types of yeasts and molds that will grow indoors. Some can be grown through lactofermentation processes, some through other culturing processes. It is a life-form. You are growing it. You are farming.

If you want to farm, then do it! No matter your circumstances, there is SOMETHING you can grow to put more food on your table, or to sell to the world and encourage them to do the same.

All it takes is a corner of a room, a countertop, or a space on a shelf or windowsill, perhaps a spot on the back porch, or a bit of yard or garden. 

Don't wait! Get growing!

Coddiwomple Farm is located the United States.