Today I wandered up to the feed store, where I discovered they were out of rabbit feed. So I bought something else instead - something they call "Packer Pellets", which are an alfalfa and hay pellet, used for most livestock. It cost less than the rabbit feed. I'll give them BOSS and a little rolled oats to round out their meals, and some mixed hay. Plus the daily forage, of course, for as long as it lasts, though fall is here, and winter is trying to bully its way in, so that won't last much longer. We give this stuff to our chickens also, since we heard that some breeds of chickens just do better with more green food in their diet, and ours certainly have. We will pay attention to how they do on this, and write a bit about it when we know.

So we fed them the Packer Pellets, and they refused them outright. They just won't eat them. Not a substitute for rabbit pellets, not even for hay pellets. Back on hay and alfalfa, plus foraged greens and kitchen vegetable and fruit scraps.

That is who we are. Coddiwomple Farm is a little research farm, only about half an acre right now. We test out theories, dispel myths, and compare methods. Then we write about it. We are a little bit intensive ag, very polyculture agriculture, and a lot permaculture, but not really anything that has its own name yet. There isn't an official name for "Coddiwomple Agriculture". Yet?

We have chickens, and quail, and guinea fowl, plus a thriving herd of rabbits. At least that is what we have right now. Tomorrow it might be more. We also have a garden that is not what we want yet, and hope we can get a greenhouse soon.

We try to go organic. But really it is very hard when you are on a tight budget. And our budget is always tight. Whatever we do, we have to do cheap. We are semi-retired, working part time here and there, selling the fruits of our own labors, and some other products that we carry just because we love them and they sell well.

Coddiwomple along with us. We will let you know where we are going when we get there.

Coddiwomple Farm is located the United States.