We can't begin to cover all the issues involved in mushroom growing here. We have an entire site dedicated to the topic, and we have an entire site dedicated to selling mushroom spawn.

Consulting may cover naturalization of new mushroom species on your property, assessing the habitats on your property, helping you learn to ID mushrooms already growing there, assessing potentials for commercial operations, helping you obtain spawn for rare types of mushrooms, developing markets for mushroom production, and much more.

Our Mushroom Spawn Store - Be sure to look at the menu on the right side (scroll down!) to find information on growing mushrooms. We also have a book on Starting a Mushroom Growing Business on a Shoestring, which is in the books section on that website. Once you've seen what we offer there, you'll know whether or not we are the people you want for a consultation on how to start your own mushroom growing business, or how to find a mushroom product that you can produce yourself that will be manageable and profitable.

Consultations for this fall under Phone, Email, or On-Site Consulting pricing and policies.

Be sure to read our article on Just For Beginners on our mushroom site if you are a rank newbie in the mushroom world. Oh, there is no shame in being a rank newbie, or in admitting it! Everyone has to start somewhere, and this article will tell you just how to go about finding out something about mushrooms, and how to decide whether you would even LIKE growing them.

There are all kinds of ways to earn from selling homegrown or wild foraged mushrooms, and there are all kinds of ways to grow them in the home, in the garden, in the yard, or in the woods, so while the topic may be a little overwhelming at first, it is NOT discouraging because there are so many ways to do it affordably.

Mushroom growing is one of the things you CAN build into a successful business from a shoestring budget.

So go dive in and see what you can learn from our Mushroom site, and then give us a call or email us if it sounds intriguing.


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