The key to a profitable business is not always in the product! It can be in the style or materials, the way it is presented, the packaging, where it is sold, and who is doing the selling. The key to a profitable business is not always the product either. Sometimes it is the WAY you are doing business.

We offer Product Viability assessments, and Business Profitability assessments, and anything else that involves these two areas or an overlap between the two. Even if you don't know what kind of product to sell from your farm to earn well, we can help!

Your product or service NEEDS to make money!

If it is not making money, or if you want to ensure the best possible foundation before you invest and launch a new product or service, a product or profitability assessment can increase your profits by very significant percentage points.

These two types of assessments look at what you have to offer, and aid you in pinpointing the things customers want within that arena. We look at how you produce your product or service, how you present it, and how the customer sees it. We look at pricing, markups, overhead, and all of the other aspects which contribute to the cost of your product and the amount you keep!

Whether it is STARTING a business, or REVITALIZING a business, having these areas assessed by a professional whose goal it is to SAVE you money and time (rather than get you to spend more) can be a huge help! We never recommend a purchase to a client unless we can show you ON PAPER how the expenditure will MAKE MORE MONEY for you. We have many tools in our arsenal, and recognize MANY right ways to do things, so we can offer you choices and explain how those choices will affect your business.

To increase profit, you have to either CUT EXPENSES, or INCREASE PRICE. Those two things are absolute. We can help you in spotting creative ways to reduce the workload and expenses in operating your business (or making your product), and we can help you in spotting value points that make your product WORTH MORE, so customers are WILLING to pay more for the product. We don not advocate outsourcing overseas, we do not advocate costly automation, and we do not advocate anything deceptive or unethical. We offer straight-up creative and logical recommendations that really work.

We have always believed that it is better to EDUCATE a client than to make a choice for them. So our recommendations will be based on solid experience, but they will always leave the final choice to you. Empowered business owners make the most motivated business owners.

Your business NEEDS a healthy profit! This service can help you know how to help that happen faster.

What we don't know to help you, we can find out. We not only have a large base of experience and knowledge, we also know how to rapidly and accurately research potentials and possibilities, so we can offer you methods for improving your sales and profits that are actually based in reality. No fantasy charts, no suggestions that are not based solidly on genuine human behavior. If we offer a suggestion and enthusiastically support it, it means that it is something we would get behind if we were not already up to our elbows in our own dreams.

We'll never compromise your ideas, or steal them. Honestly, we have enough to do to realize our OWN dreams, and if we tried to steal yours, we'd just end up driving ourselves crazy. We already have enough on our plate, and it is working. We'd rather help YOU realize your dream, because when you do, it helps us realize our dream.

$200 gets you a complete Assessment in whatever area you request, with a written report with findings and recommendations, and email follow-up to help make sure you are able to make use of the information (we'll even check your changes and give you our opinion).

Call or Email us to request a Product or Profitability Assessment - or to tell us you don't know which one you need (we often overlap the two for people who need parts of both).

Ask about our First Time Consulting Discount for very small businesses.


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