Do you need help in outlining a good startup plan for your farm? Are you in need of a lucrative business plan for your small farm?

The money you pay a good consultant to get the ball rolling may be some of the BEST money you ever spend on your farm.

We'll help you focus on the things that matter most. Rapid return on your investment, cash outlay where it pays you to do so, sweat equity where you enjoy it most (and less so on the tasks that are less enjoyable), and weighing the revenue generation options so that you sell what earns you the most with the least overhead costs and regulatory burden.

Whether you sell online, at the farm, at farmer's markets and trade fairs, or from a truck on the side of the road, there is a marketing and presentation plan that will help you sell well, even when other people are not doing as well as you. You need the edge up over your competition, and a little brainstorming with a pro who has a broad range of experience can really give you a significant boost that increases your sales and profits long term.

All consulting and training that we offer is PERSONAL, and takes into account your preferences, resources, location, and needs, while providing you with valuable information and statistical norms that help you have the knowledge to go forward with a higher success rate and more confidence.

The cost of a single call or series of emails will pay you back over and over. Consultation fee is $200 for a 1 hour call or 1 week of emails (plus follow up questions for either option). On-site consulting is also available.

NOTE: ASK FOR YOUR "First Consult Discount" and we'll give you the initial consultation for $100 (one time per client).

It starts with a call or email to request the assistance you need, and to schedule the consultation. Go to our Contact page to proceed.


Coddiwomple Farm is located the United States.