When you've been working your business, and customers are not coming, something is wrong! A Website Assessment or a Marketing Assessment can help you to know where the problem is, and give you valuable suggestions for turning things around. We can even offer you some marketing training or talk you through making changes to your website if you need (or refer you to a pro if you need that).

Your business NEEDS to make money! This service can help you know how to help that happen faster.

A website assessment means we take a look at your site, and check all of the basic factors that a customer sees on the first few minutes in the site. Typically, these are the factors that determine whether the site earns or not. We also look at your Search Engine Optimization, and at a few little technical things. Most changes recommended have to do with wording (to make it more logical), and site organization (to make it easier to understand and find things).

A marketing assessment looks at what you are doing, your marketing response goals, and if you have a website, we will do a traffic analysis on your site (if stats are available). All of this gives us a good idea of what is happening, and gives us the ability to recommend to you some specific strategies and changes to make BETTER things happen! Before we were Firelight Heritage Farm, we were Firelight Web Studio, and taught Small Business Marketing classes at night through the University of Wyoming.

We know just how much traffic a website needs to get to make 1 sale per month, and the factors that stop them from making any sales at all (or too few sales). We know how to find out where the customers are that you need offline, and how to market without sinking money into it, both offline and online. We won't tell you the same useless stuff everyone else is saying either, everything we recommend is tested on our own network of websites, and has stood the test of 18 years of testing on our own and our clients' websites.

These are things we are HAPPY to share with you, once we have isolated the specific things you need to know.

This is probably the MOST VALUABLE thing a struggling business can do.

$200 gets you a complete Assessment, with a written report with findings and recommendations, and email follow-up to help make sure you are able to make use of the information (we'll even check your changes and give you our opinion).

Call or Email us to request a Website or Marketing Assessment - or to tell us you don't know which one you need (we often overlap the two for people who need parts of both).

If your website or business is less than 2 years old, please ask for a discount.


Coddiwomple Farm is located the United States.