An email conversation that can change your farm and business in amazing ways!

Just email us and let us know what you are trying to achieve, and we'll honestly let you know whether we can be of help or not. If we can help you, we'll be happy to begin a consultation with you (phone and on-site are also available).

Email consultations provide 1 week of daily emails (1 extensive email, and other shorter emails if needed each day), PLUS follow-up email support.

The time is YOURS, and we will tailor any advice or suggestions to your particular needs. We will address your concerns, your resources and limitations, and take into account your particular circumstances (and we know that they may be similar to others we have encountered, but we also know that yours won't be exactly like anyone else's!). If we finish the week, and we have an absolutely fabulous idea (sometimes the best ideas occur when we've had time to think and mull things over), we'll email you and outline the idea I just had.

Standard fee for Email Consultation is $200.

Initial "Startup" or "Where do I start?" consults are $100 for Phone or Email consultation.

When you begin your consultation, we will invoice you via PayPal. You are required to pay the fee prior to our sending ideas or instructions or answering major questions.

Once your week is completed, you get additional email follow-up - we'll answer short questions during the weeks following as you put the things into place that we discussed, so you won't feel like you have to go and carry out things that you are unfamiliar with, while having no backup!

Follow up email means that you can ask for clarification on things discussed, resource links or book referrals for things we discussed but which we informed you were beyond the scope of the call, or you can send us pics or describe how you are carrying things out, or even show us text you've written for your website or marketing materials and have us give you an opinion on whether it is being done correctly. It does NOT mean you can ask us questions involving new issues, or ask us to explain in email what we already stated was beyond the scope of the call (we can point you to resources, or schedule a training call with you, or an additional consult). We'll be respectful of your budget in determining where to draw the line.

We aren't real tough on ending the consult at 1 weed - we expect you to get SEVEN DAYS (and we do not work on Sundays), so we will extend your time if there are interruptions beyond your control or if we cannot reply for a day, if interrupted by Holidays, etc. Email consulting gives you time to process each new bit of information, and to think more about your questions, so if you communicate well by writing, and learn well through reading, it can be a better way for some people to consult than over the phone.

Email conversations and training have been a mainstay of our business for almost 2 decades, and we'll put our experience in communicating with clients to work for you, to help you overcome your hurdles and build your farm into something that you will always feel good about!


Coddiwomple Farm is located the United States.